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Expert Remedies Tahitian Magic Moisturizer (30ML)

Expert Remedies Tahitian Magic Moisturizer (30ML)

60 day supply

Our new Tahitian Magic Island Moisturizer® is a perfect answer for seniors. It’s specially developed for older folks to act as your personal deep wrinkle and fine line solution.

It works by recharging your skin’s natural hydration processes, for a quicker-than- expected younger look.

  • Amazing nutrients unite to deliver both immediate and long-lasting hydration. In one clinical study, our ingredients’ moisturizing benefits lasted for up to 20 days.
  • Rapidly hydrates skin to make it more comfortable
  • Helps reduce flaky skin for a smoother skin appearance over time
  • Helps prevent and counteract the drying effect of delipidating products (hydroalcoholic gel, shower gel,…)
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Our Tahitian Moisturizer includes rare algae that Improves Skin Hydration for 20 Days

Essential for reducing visible signs of aging…

Our ultra-potent moisturizer features two naturally sea nutrients from the “Magical Island” of Moorea in French Polynesia and wintry waters of Western France.

With a 2-in-1 mechanism of action, these ingredients strengthen the skin barrier function while improving skin water content to boost the skin’s natural hydration process to recover moisturized and smoothed skin.

In a world of internal and environmental aggressors (climatic change, pollution, sun, cleansers, stress, drugs, etc.) skin hydration plays a crucial role in protecting against long-term skin damage and hyper-aging.

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