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Advanced Glucose Discovery

Advanced Glucose Discovery

90 capsules

Advanced Glucose Discovery® includes three powerful sugar destroying ingredients that aren’t found anywhere else. These ingredients work in your body in a completely unique way— that’s why it’s so effective.

Our first ingredient, Crominex 3+® is a patented new creation that super-charges chromium, to reduce blood sugar levels, cut cholesterol, and pump warm nutrient rich blood into your hands and feet.

Our second exclusive ingredient is the trademarked extract Pomella 8X®.

As mentioned, studies reveal that it helps cut blood sugar levels by up to 60%. This unique extract works by lowering sugar absorption in your intestines.

Our third ingredient is Meshashringi. The emerald-green leaf starts reducing sugar absorption in your stomach, improving insulin sensitivity, and then sharply lowering high blood sugar.

Advanced Glucose Discovery® is unlike anything else available today, backed by 14 independent gold standard clinical trials. These studies have been published in highly prestigious publications like: UCLA Health Journal, the National Institutes of Health, the European Journal of pharmaceutical sciences, and National Academy Press.

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