Advanced Glucose Discovery

90 capsules

Our best-selling formula combines three patented extracts to support healthy blood sugar levels, cholesterol readings, and A1c improvements. This drug-free alternative is rich in antioxidants that also help improve full body circulation and prevent energy crashes after big meals. 

The ingredients in Advanced Glucose Discovery® are backed by 14 independent gold standard clinical trials.

All ingredients are included at the same clinical doses that showed remarkable benefits in the studies. Our formula is NON-GMO, Vegan, Heavy Metal Tested, and Free from common allergens.

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Marine Bone Discovery®

90 capsules

Tired of paying $75 per bottle for algae calcium? Marine Bone Discovery includes 3 rare algae and bioavailable pearl calcium that’s 3.5 more absorbable, for a fraction of the price. If you’re concerned about low bone density that can lead to a deadly break or fracture, get your supply today.

“Rock” and “Algae” calcium have a fraction of the absorption ability pearl calcium does. When calcium is poorly absorbed by bones the excess can lodge in your heart valves, increasing the risk of stroke up to 21%. This is why it is vital you select the right calcium to protect your bones and heart.

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Advanced Knee Discovery®

120 capsules

Our Advanced formula combines patented mangosteen, olive fruit, and resveratrol extracts to target the root cause of knee pain. These nutrients actually inhibit the COX-2 response for inflammation, the real root cause of your chronic knee pain. 

This works by muting pain at its source, without the risky side effects that come with NSAID drugs.

Clinical studies also reveal our patented mangosteen extract outperforms glucosamine and chondroitin by 51% for pain relief. Stop relying on 40-year-old science and try our GMO FREE, natural formula today.

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Hemp Multi Discovery

60 Button Gummies 

For the first time, our scientists combined organic hemp, a true gift from nature, with 9 of the most powerful multi-vitamins that science says fortifies your body against health complications.

Our chewy, delicious gummies relieve joint pain, promote a sense of deep calm, boost energy, improve digestion and more.

Multi-vitamins are crucial to your health for this one doctor-approved reason: no one consumes a perfectly balanced diet that provides all the necessary nutrients in the exact right amounts. Hemp Multi Discovery® helps prevent dangerous deficiencies in a delicious gummy format.

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