Expert Remedies brings your customers unique supplements that really work–from brilliant formulators around the world. Our bone health remedy, for example, is the only one in the world endorsed by a former NASA astronaut.

Robert Anderson


Our scientific and creative expertise can help build your business.


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My name is Robert Anderson, and I am the founder of Expert Remedies. I have spent over 21 years in formulating and researching cutting-edge health supplements, creating information news reports–distributed worldwide–that describe the remarkable benefits of a new generation of premium health supplements.

A former NASA astronaut endorses our unique bone formula.

“I consider it a real breakthrough. It brings you the remarkable and little-known power of the pearl. No other product comes close to it.”

United States Former NASA Astronaut Edward G. Gibson

This Is a Major New Sales Opportunity In a Multi-Billion Dollar Market

We are looking to partner with distributors across the globe for aggressive expansion into their respective markets–enterprises open to new ideas, innovative products and new ways to market them.


Our focus at Expert Remedies is to leverage our scientific and creative expertise to create unique products based on research from leading medical minds around the world.  This strategy offers a substantial competitive advantage in obtaining and retaining repeat customers in crowded marketplaces.


Consumers are willing to spend, but they want to know the products work. Their emphasis on finding real value has never been greater.

How We Can Help Increase Sales With One-Of-A-Kind Supplements That Work

Expert Remedies can create a custom formula supplement for your market. Or you can select existing products from our developing product line. We take it from a concept to a finished product ready to sell in whichever country you operate in.


Our strategy is to create exceptional products that develop a loyal customer base with repeat sales. We are not focused on one age group, demographic or product category. Regardless of the market, our formulations are all based on solid scientific research.

These Brilliant Insights Are Used to Create My All-Natural Nutraceuticals

My worldwide network of MDs, medical experts, scientists and leading research laboratories are uncovering new ways of getting well that your customers never knew existed. I meticulously track and evaluate their scientific findings for new, uniquely effective ingredients to include in my supplements.

Endorsed by A Former NASA Astronaut-Scientist Who Performed Landmark Bone Research in Space

We are proud to be associated with Edward Gibson, a former NASA astronaut and scientist who orbited the earth 84 times, performing extensive medical research in space with the goal of strengthening bones.


He endorsed our Marine Bone Discovery remedy saying, “I consider it a real breakthrough. It brings you the remarkable and little-known power of the pearl. No other product comes close to it. It’s so new, you’re hearing about it for the first time.”


Your customer’s access to these high-level discoveries like this can result in increasing sales for loyal customers. Our U.S. based manufacturer has over 21 years’ experience.

  • All of our products are made in America in a 225,000-square foot, fully-approved, cGMP manufacturing facility, ensuring strict quality control by onsite, full-service analytical labs.
  • In more than 20 countries, global industry certifying boards have audited and approved our manufacturer’s facilities and processes.

Don’t miss this important opportunity to offer your customers best-in-class supplements—precisely like the one endorsed by former NASA astronaut, Edward G. Gibson.


I invite you to build your business by helping your customers find the proprietary formulas that are exclusively created at Expert Remedies. Contact us right now.

Best Wishes for a Healthier Tomorrow,

Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson, Founder

Partner with professionals 45+ years of experience

Expert Remedies brings together a team of business people with decades of experience in the dietary supplement field, as well as many years in the business of importing and exporting globally with a world class manufacturer. Their combined experience in importing/exporting and the supplement industry is 45+ years.

Philip PittsfordPhilip Pittsford is the Vice President of International Sales for Expert Remedies. In the same position at a major supplement company, during his tenure, he opened foreign markets and increased revenues from less than $2 million to over $30 million. Today, the company continues to be active in over 50 countries.
Robert Anderson

I have spent the past 21+ years marketing and formulating best-selling health supplements and creams. For example, I took a previous health company from under $1 million in sales to over $48 million in 4 years. I have never been more excited about our unique Expert Remedies Discovery™ line. It focuses on areas of great interest by the public, offering advantages not found anywhere else.  Expert Remedies® is the culmination of 45+ years of experienceRobert Anderson

P.S. For more information on our custom formulations and existing product line contact Philip Pittsford, our Vice President of International Sales ( We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we might work together.