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Expert Remedies Pee Less Discovery

Expert Remedies Pee Less Discovery

90 capsules

Our comprehensive formula can help you regardless of your gender, age, or current urinary issues. Each ingredient was carefully selected to target your worst urinary symptoms. Our natural ingredients are included at potent doses and protected by 6 international patents.
  • Algonquin Guard® berry extract gets rid of the harmful biological bug called C. Strain, the cause of 92% of your urinary problems
  • Our patented extract includes all 9 parts of these beautiful black Algonquin berries. This includes: juices, skins, flesh, seeds, PACs, Polyphenols, organic acids, natural fibers, healthy sugars, and fatty acids.
  • Seminose successfully destroys biofilms that protect your dangerous pathogens in your urinary tract, allowing urinary issues to spread like wildfire.
  • Uva ursi contains tannins that shrink and tighten mucous membranes in the body. In turn, that helps reduce inflammation and fight infection.
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Target the root cause of urinary complications

How urinary tract problems happen: Urinary problems are caused by a whole host of deadly bugs that slowly climb up your urinary tract into your bladder. When they reach your bladder they wreak havoc, stiffening its walls and permanently damaging your urinary tract.

How Pee Less Discovery helps: Our formula has the unique ability to help loosen these bugs grip on your urinary walls so they can’t infect you. This allows them to be harmlessly flushed out of your system when you urinate. It also prevents them from continuing the deadly march into your bladder.

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