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Advanced Circulation Discovery 3 Bottles 41% OFF

Advanced Circulation Discovery 3 Bottles 41% OFF

30 days supply

Our Icelandic formula improves the three root causes of poor circulation in a completely new way. 

If you’re suffering from ice cold hands and feet our formula is a must take, stimulating a flood of warm, nutrient-rich blood flow.

  •  Expand Blood Vessels: Our natural niacin and hawthorn extracts allow tiny vessels and capillaries to relax and expand. This sends a flood of warm, nutrient rich blood to your hands and feet. This is especially effective because it focuses on your micro circulation, banishing that numb, tingling feeling.
  •  Lower bad cholesterol: Our unique sweet orange extract helps to reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides and boost your good cholesterol (HDL). By improving the lipid profile, our extract can reduce the risk of plaque formation in your arteries, which can improve overall blood flow and circulation.
  •  Boost blood flow: The endothelium is the lining inside blood vessels, and its health is crucial for proper vascular function. Our Cayanne extract improves endothelial function, by improving the flexibility of your blood vessels, promoting better blood flow.

The ingredients in Advanced Circulation Discovery® are backed by hundreds of clinical studies showing their ability to improve not only circulation but also your heart health. 

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