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Advanced Cholesterol Discovery 3 Bottles 41% OFF

Advanced Cholesterol Discovery 3 Bottles 41% OFF

30 days supply

Advanced Cholesterol Discovery® utilizes an ultra-potent new extract from the sap of a rare Indian tree rich in antioxidants.

Researchers at top universities are now calling this extract a “heart health miracle.”

We then added 7 ancient ayurvedic herbs so our ultimate heart health formula helps you: 

ü  Lower high cholesterol readings

ü  Stop dangerous plaque accumulation in arteries

ü  Shred extra pounds of fat & reduce appetite

ü  Lower high triglyceride readings 

ü  Avoid deadly inflammation in the heart valves

ü  Reduce blood sugar readings

Unfortunately with stress, unhealthy foods, and lack of exercise, it is impossible to avoid cholesterol deposits accumulating. 

That’s where our formula comes in. It doesn’t address just one reason for high cholesterol, it targets the 4 root causes of cholesterol build up, according to clinical studies:

ü  Get killer LDL Cholesterol out of your blood stream by stimulating stomach acids that burn cholesterol as fuel for digestion. 

ü  Stop cholesterol oxidizing and plaques forming in your arteries.

ü  Break down accumulated cholesterol and use it as fuel to lose weight and gain energy 

ü  Reduce cholesterol development by inhibiting an enzyme called HMG-CoA reductase which actually produces LDL cholesterol ("bad" cholesterol). 

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