Philip Pittsford

Philip Pittsford

Vice President of International Sales

+1 630-890-0122


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My formulators have created some of the best-selling supplements in America and around the world. We can work with you to develop your product concepts or create new product ideas that can be successfully sold in your respective markets.

Make Your Product Ideas a Reality

No matter what market segment, age group or product category you target, we can create a unique formula for your customers. This can consist of an entire product line in one or more categories or a single remedy.

We can put your label on our existing formulas
We can create a customized formula under your own label

Made in Cutting-Edge Facilities in The United States

All of our formulas are manufactured in the United States in a fully-approved, cGMP facility that has worldwide certifications and has been approved by leading independent bodies as well as governmental authorities in many overseas countries.


Regardless of location, our export specialists will be able to arrange for delivery to your specific location. We’ve had decades of experience in arranging shipping products to countries across the globe.Let us show you what we can do for you here at Expert Remedies. For additional information, please contact Philip Pittsford at, We look forward to hearing from you.


Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson, Founder