Appropriate product claims will be made to comply with regulatory requirements in various countries and individual markets. This private information is solely to help highlight scientific efficacy. A partial listing of the science-backed nutraceuticals in this formulation is included below.

One of its clinically-tested ingredients is an all-natural terpenoid component from a plant that has been shown to increase collagen synthesis and therefore anti-wrinkle activity. Skin aging is related to a decrease in the levels of type I collagen, the primary component of the skin dermis.

Visible skin lightening is observed. This compound inhibits melanogenesis, the creation of melanin. It is also inhibited by controlling transcriptional factors, resulting in a decrease in melanin level. Skin color is determined by melanin levels, people with dark skin have more melanin.

The effects are long lasting and noticeable. This compound has demonstrated optimal DNA protection properties, as well as a clear anti-glycation effect, which causes the extract to be a truly efficient and long-acting anti-aging ingredient.

Individuals of all ages around the world are now routinely using natural, drug-free skin lightening techniques. These options are often side-effect-free, and achieve the same desired or even superior effect.