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“The worldwide medical community has new ways of relieving your customer’s most troubling ailments–with supplements that you can offer to them.”

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I have spent the past 21+ years marketing and formulating best-selling health supplements and creams. For example, I took a previous health company from under $1 million in sales to over $48 million in 4 years. I have never been more excited about our unique Expert Remedies Discovery™ line. It focuses on areas of great interest by the public, offering advantages not found anywhere else.  Expert Remedies® is the culmination of 45+ years of experience.


In this era of global interconnectivity, there’s never been a greater awareness of what people in every country are doing. Expert Remedies is now an established resource for distributors, wholesalers, and others to source the best medical thinking and premium supplements that stand out from anything else on the market.


We can create custom new remedies for you or you can select products from our expanding line of supplements. They are all based on breakthroughs in global knowledge.


Gain Access to What the Most Creative Health Professionals Are Discovering

Expert Remedies’ team of biochemists, researchers and doctors deeply believe in our mission of exploring new ideas for effective remedies. They understand that only a tiny fraction of people ever learn about their exciting health breakthroughs that can change lives.


This is an untapped market because so few people realize they have these enormously attractive options. And when they do find out, the response is positive and immediate.


Medical Knowledge Is Doubling Every 73 Days. Your Customers Could Be Missing Priceless Opportunities to Get Well

What might have ruined your health 4 or 6 months ago could now be routinely handled—if you know about the very latest research findings. Imagine, medical knowledge is doubling every 73 days, reports The National Institutes of Health. This is a phenomenal achievement almost no one knows about.


A Real Shocker: Why You’re Not Hearing About These Discoveries

The Henry J. Kaiser Foundation and the Pew Research Center revealed that health care made up just 3.6% of all news content. This makes it almost impossible for you to learn of a single breakthrough that might help you.


Worse yet, The National Institutes of Health reports that it takes 17 years for an idea to reach local doctor. This is outrageous. Your customers have the right to know sooner, and now they can.


As a health freedom advocate, I believe your customers deserve natural-health alternatives in addition to conventional medicine, which is often a pale imitation of the true healing power found in nature.


Find out how we can help you offer these premium supplements to your customers, create a new product or even a full product-line.

Best Wishes for a Healthier Tomorrow,

Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson, Founder

P.S. Please contact Philip Pittsford at our Vice President of International Sales, who has been selling supplements abroad for over 25 years. He can answer any questions, offering constructive advice and guidance for your particular situation.