The Pearl’s Scientific Secret

Edward Gibson, a top former NASA astronaut has endorsed this remarkable formula that captures the power of an oyster’s pearl to help strengthen and support your bones

NASA has made bone research a priority. That’s because astronauts lose muscle strength and bone density while on prolonged flights. The figures are stunning. Bone density loss is 14.2 times greater in space than it is on earth.

NASA’s greatest research effort was conducted under the leadership of former Astronaut Edward Gibson. Continued research on earth revealed a remarkable scientific discovery: the properties of the Pearl found in an oyster can help strengthen and support your bones.

Marine Bone Discovery, captures the bone healing power of the Pearl


This new remedy brings you a little-known secret that is beginning to make headlines. The Pearl brings you a highly absorbable aragonite marine crystal form of calcium that delivers twice the power of regular calcium.


The vast oceans offer nature’s remarkable wisdom, containing the right Ionic minerals, nutrients, vitamins, sea plants, collagen and cellular proteins important to healthy bones. It comes from the pristine deep-sea waters that comprise less than 1% of the sea’s surface.

Endorsed by Former NASA Astronaut–Scientist Edward G. Gibson…

Former NASA astronaut Edward G. Gibson’s says, “I consider Marine Bone Discovery a real breakthrough.” His Skylab Flight helped advance research efforts that have contributed to a greater understanding of this important health concern. Consider the remarkable properties of Pearl and the other ingredients in Marine Bone Discovery.

Appropriate product claims will be made to comply with regulatory requirements in various countries and individual markets. This private information is solely to help highlight scientific efficacy. A partial listing of the science-backed nutraceuticals in this formulation is included below.

Pearl helps stimulate inner bone growth in just 5 days, speeding rebuilding and strengthening

Healthy bone growth starts inside your bones. Pearl helps stimulate osteoblast growth which assists in growth. (1)  Remarkably, Pearl created new bone in just 5 days. Its powerful signaling protein molecules send “signals” that consistently spur bone growth.

Pearl is compatible with the human bone, effectively blending because of similar DNA

Because of its similarity to human DNA, it’s easily absorbed and remarkably effective. (2). In an in vivo experiment, pearl created newly mature bone in just 12 weeks in bones with holes. Author M. Lamghari, says it’s is good for inner and outer bone growth.

Pearl is a “biomineral” that increases bone density with a rare, absorbable calcium crystal

The Pearl contains both minerals and proteins, rapidly stimulating bone growth with dual-layers of minerals and proteins that bind with inner and outer bones, increasing density. Pearl acts

3 ½ times faster than any other conventional compound used for mineralization. (3)

The Pearl creates collagen so minerals and calcium stick to your bones helping them grow

Few realize that collagen makes up 45% of your inner bones. It’s like “glue” that holds nourishing minerals. Without enough collagen, they slide off your bones. When bones decay, this starts on the inside–where the Pearl helps creates collagen to ward off weakening bones. (4)

Aquamin has 72 Ionic sea minerals your bones can absorb versus land minerals it can’t

Land minerals—also called colloidal minerals cannot be absorbed. Why? Your body is 70% water and they don’t dissolve in water—Ionic minerals do. Expert Dr. Robert Thompson says, “Since our bodies can’t excrete colloidal minerals, they accumulate in the cells and cause all sorts of problems.” Our Aquamin, from Ionic mineralized red seaweed, supports inner and outer bone growth. (5)

Harvard Health says, “Two keys to strong bones, calcium and vitamin D.” We have both

Harvard Health reports, “Although bone concerns are common, it isn’t an inevitable part of aging. There’s a lot you can do.” Marine Done Discovery also brings you both because together they can make new bone cells, supporting growth. (6)

One group had 94% less weakening bones--Las Palmas University unlocks a scientific secret

Researchers from Las Palmas University studied 294 inhabitants of Gran Canaria and El Hierro Island.  On El Hierro, only 2.4% of the folks studied had frail bones—as opposed to 48.7% on Gran Canaria. El Hierro inhabitants ate a sea-based diet, including brown fucoidan seaweed and mineralized red seaweed—both found in our formula–while the other had a land-based diet, like ours today. (7)

The Sea—One of The World’s Great Sources of Health Discoveries

Many of our greatest medical discoveries have come from the sea. The federal government’s National Ocean Service reports on the treasure trove to be found in the sea. They reveal, “The ocean, with its amazing biodiversity, offers many more organism for scientists to discover and develop new treatments.”  In fact, 80% of life on earth only exists in the sea. (8)

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