Philip Pittsford

Philip Pittsford

Vice President of International Sales

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What makes us better?

What makes us better is our ability to differentiate our scientifically-formulated products in crowded markets. Unlike many others, this is more than a slogan.


For example, a founder of Expert Remedies helped create one of the largest probiotic brands in the country. This was done in the midst of harsh competition and an intense regulatory climate.

Another example: Marine Bone Discovery, our bone product, is the only formula in the world endorsed by a former NASA astronaut, Edward G. Gibson. Mr. Gibson was in charge of performing extensive medical research pertaining to bone strengthening and health. This was NASA’s largest bone research effort ever conducted in outer space.


Our entire team has over 45 years’ experience in creating, marketing, and exporting products on a global basis.


Our science-based formulas are tested by third parties in independent production facilities. Our products are all manufactured in an FDA approved cGMP facility, recognized for quality in more than 20 countries. They are Kosher and Halal certified with approval from international regulatory agencies.

What makes us different?

At Expert Remedies we have created multiple products in a vast variety of market segments around the world. We work with enterprises and distributors to develop custom products that meet their highly unique market requirements.


We can react extremely quickly to changes in your market in order to give you a lead on competitors. Being first to market with an effective new product helps persuade customers to initially buy and then reorder.


Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson, Founder