Appropriate product claims will be made to comply with regulatory requirements in various countries and individual markets. This private information is solely to help highlight scientific efficacy. A partial listing of the science-backed nutraceuticals in this formulation is included below.

Air pollution has a negative impact on skin health around the world. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, a polyphenol-rich, multi-component active compound in our cream almost completely eliminated the heavy metals in the outer layer of the skin in the faces of healthy participants.

On the contrary, a significantly higher concentration of heavy metals was found in the placebo-treated samples. This qualifies the active ingredient as a robust skin protectant from air-borne pollution.

China Daily USA states, “Air pollution is not just a health concern, it is fast becoming a beauty issue. Poor air has become the #1 ‘beauty enemy’ for women in China today.” And China is not alone.

The Guardian newspaper reports, “Toxic fumes may be the primary cause of skin ageing in polluted cities such as London and New York. Air pollution causes wrinkles and premature ageing, new research shows.”