How Expert Remedies can help your business: custom formulations or existing products.

• Does Expert Remedies sell products worldwide?

Absolutely. We are located in the United States and we focus on selling to distributors abroad from the United States. Our team has 45+ years experience in international trade, the supplement industry, global logistics, and complying with the rules of international trade.

• Do you do custom formulations?

All of our formulations are developed by our in house R&D team. These formulations are ours alone and we go to extensive lengths to protect our formulations by utilizing proprietary blends.

• Does Expert Remedies work with U.S. based companies?

Of course!

We are always looking to grow our distribution network both domestically or abroad. We are always interested in speaking to companies looking to carry our ever growing line of targeted health supplements.

• How do you learn more?

Contact our Vice President of Operations at Please tell him what you’re looking for and we’ll get right back to you with answers.

• We will be adding many new products to our existing line

Your second option beyond custom formulation is simply purchasing from our existing products. Expert Remedies will be dramatically expanding our product line. Unlike some sites that carry dozens or even hundreds of formulas, hoping a few will work, we select a smaller number of opportunities where we can make an enormous difference. This approach is rarely seen and provides value that results in higher sales.

• Why are our products so different?

They’re science-based, formulated by experts, tested by third parties.  By giving you proprietary, cutting-edge supplements, you stand out from the crowd because these formulas really deliver results. People will pay for real results. Most products are imitations, but ours are unique formulations.

• What level of quality control is used in making your remedies?

Our remedies are meticulously formulated using tested, pure ingredients from trusted sources. Our 225,000-square foot manufacturing facility—among the largest in the United States–operate under strict FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and is Kosher and Halal certified. This state-of-the-art facility has clients in 20 countries around the world.


It has been audited and approved by leading independent bodies, as well as by governmental health authorities worldwide. Internal quality control inspectors monitor all phases of production to assess performance and adherence to GMP.

• Are you interested in becoming a distributor?

Simply get in touch with our Vice President of Operations at He will answer all your questions.

• I’m a consumer. Can I order directly from this site?

Sorry, we only sell to distributors, retailers and wholesalers, not to the public directly. Having said that, if you believe our products can help you, please mention this to the store you shop in. Often, they contact us and start selling our products.

Be the first to discover exciting new product ideas:
Our worldwide network of medical professionals

• Do these experts have good ideas for new supplements?

Yes. They provide ideas you never knew existed. I’ll prove my point.


The Henry J. Kaiser Foundation and the Pew Research Center for Excellence in Journalism dropped a bombshell. They studied how the media covers health issues and revealed the following.


“The study finds that news about health and health care made up just 3.6% of all news content.”


This is almost nothing. That’s another way of saying you’re missing 96.4% of health news that just might help your customers live longer and better. This is information they want to know, especially when it’s in the form of a unique formulation.


Expert Remedies’ network of health professionals and researchers represent the cream of the crop in terms of innovative thinking and results-oriented outcomes. These researchers dedicate their lives to searching for remedies that can make a real difference.  They understand the benefits of good health and have a lifelong record of sharing this wisdom.

• How frequently do you get usable health discoveries?

Often. Here’s proof: The National Institutes of Health reveals that medical knowledge is doubling every 73 days. That works to an increase of 15 TIMES over the year. This stratospheric growth increases the chances of finding a better treatment for many health concerns.  What bothers your customers today could be remedied 3 months  from now. Progress is moving that fast, yet almost no one knows this fact.

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