Robert Anderson




“The worldwide medical community is finding new ways of relieving your most troubling ailments.
…yet no one tells you about them. I will.”

Dear friend:

My lifelong mission has been to break through the clutter and let you know which new discoveries could help you restore your health and even extend your life. My worldwide network of MDs, medical experts, gifted healers, scientists and leading research laboratories are uncovering new ways of getting well that you never knew existed.


These Brilliant Insights Are Used to Create My All-Natural Nutraceuticals


I meticulously track, evaluate and research their findings. No matter where in the world these health professionals work, they’re always expanding, learning and finding new ways of improving your quality of life.


These biochemists, researchers and doctors deeply believe in my mission and take me into their confidence when I explore new ideas for remedies. They clearly understand that only a tiny fraction of people ever learn about their exciting health developments that could change  lives. It is my sincerest hope that you will join these lucky few.


Endorsed by An Ex-NASA Astronaut-Scientist

Who Performed Medical Research in Space


I am very proud to be associated with Edward Gibson, a former NASA astronaut and scientist who orbited the earth 84 times, performing extensive medical research in space with the goal of strengthening bones. This is the level of expertise that I value so highly.


In fact, he endorsed my Marine Bone Discovery remedy, calling it “blockbuster news. I consider this a real breakthrough.” Your access to these high-level discoveries has never been more important.


Medical Knowledge Is Doubling Every 73 Days.

You Could Be Missing Priceless Chances to Get Better


Imagine, medical knowledge is doubling every 73 days, reports The National Institutes of Health. This is a phenomenal achievement almost no one knows about. What might have ruined your health 4 or 6 months ago could now be routinely handled—if you know about this information.


Worse yet, this same internationally-respected institution reports that it takes 17 years for an idea to reach your local doctor. I think this is outrageous. You have the right to know NOW. Think of the countless opportunities you may be missing to create true health and lifelong well-being.


I invite you to join me in all the blessings glowing good health offers you.



Best Wishes for a Healthier Tomorrow,

Robert Anderson, Founder


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