Christopher Anderson

Christopher Anderson

Vice President of Operations

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“This business began with a simple mission in mind.”

My father and I started this business with a simple mission in mind. We wanted to bring a line of targeted health supplements and cream products to market that addressed the everyday health concerns of millions worldwide. This is precisely what we have done at Expert Remedies®.


The worldwide reception has been remarkable and we plan on expanding our partner base rapidly throughout the year. As the VP of operations, I am always looking to build our network of distributors. We love speaking to companies who are interested in carrying our Discovery™ line of health supplements.


We make sure to pay special attention to all our partners and actively drive sales with robust marketing support. I work closely with Robert and our in-house marketing team to develop point-of-sale materials and staff training guides. We make a point of promptly responding to all requests from partners and we are ceaselessly looking to find new ways to support sales efforts.


We understand the growing need for innovation in an increasingly competitive marketspace. We avoid “me-too” formulations and make sure our growing line of supplements and cream products is unique and set apart from competitors. This uniqueness has proven to be our advantage time and time again as we continue to deliver outstanding results.


Working with our in-house R&D and marketing teams, we are looking to rapidly grow our product offerings throughout the year. This means more remarkable targeted health supplements and cream products are available for sale to your customers.


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Christopher Anderson, Vice President of Operations

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