Appropriate product claims will be made to comply with regulatory requirements in various countries and individual markets. This private information is solely to help highlight scientific efficacy. A partial listing of the science-backed nutraceuticals in this formulation is included below.

Modern science has unlocked an extraordinary plant that yields an extract which visibly minimizes signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and sagging. More youthful contours are apparent, as shown by detailed, up-close digital photography.

Successful testing reveals an immediate, measurable and visible lifting efficacy when applied near the eyes in healthy volunteers. An immediate lifting effect is also observed in facial areas that require an improved, more youthful definition.

Its high level of efficacy is evident by quickly producing visible result. Specifically, within 30 minutes, visible evidence of its ability to improve appearance is clearly seen.

The all-natural, high-performance ingredients in this cream are activated upon contact with the skin. It works for all skin types. A youthful, younger-looking appearance creates a high level of confidence in consumers.